Static Var Generator – for charging pile

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The power factor of the charging pile is not up to standard?

Suffer huge fines from the power supply bureau?

The stable operation of power and the safety of equipment pose a serious threat?

lastone static var generator

Application of new energy vehicle charging pile

Professional compensation is better at


Application solution of new energy vehicle charging pile compensation


Electric vehicle charging pile belongs to nonlinear load. When many power electronic devices are connected and used, the power grid will produce a large amount of harmonic and reactive power, which poses a serious threat to the stable operation of power system and the safety of equipment. Therefore, improving power quality and ensuring the safe operation of power grid have become the problems that electric vehicle charging stations must face and solve.

Lastone static var generator hysvg series

Single module capacity up to 100 kvar


Timely solve your urgent needs, effectively improve the power factor, and no longer face fines due to equipment safety threats and power factor non-compliance.

Whether capacitive load or inductive load! Can make timely and effective compensation.

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