Dynamic comprehensive compensation device APF /SVG module + HYBAGK anti-harmonic

Short Description:

1. Multifunctional: harmonic, reactive power, imbalance elimination

2. Full-featured operation interface: event log, auto-alarm, fault record , parameter setting

3. Flexible application modular design, easy to install, maintain and expand

4. Mainly used in power distribution room and industrial occasions, large-capacity compensation

Product Detail

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APF /SVG module + HYBAGK anti-harmonic capacitor (combined set). The APF or SVG module is installed in the cabinet and equipped with incoming circuit breakers and quick-fuse The capacity of HYBAGK capacitor module is any combination of 5kvar ~ 60kvar; the capacity of APF or SVG module is 50A (35kvar), 100A (70kvar), 100kvar optional. Ventilation design on the back, with ventilation filter holes.

Capacitor switching is controlled by APF / SVG, which is more intelligent. The advantages are cost-effective, simple structure, easy maintenance, easy expansion, and low operating noise.

The traditional power factor compensation (capacitor bank) has the advantages of cost-effective and large capacity; the disadvantages are slow response and switching speed, single function; no capacitive compensation, and the compensation capacity can not be continuously adjustable, so it is difficult to achieve complete balance with the reactive power required by the system, which is easy to cause over compensation or under compensation.

Hybrid filtering and compensation (APF or SVG) is a combination of traditional reactive power compensation and APF or SVG modules.

While eliminating system harmonic currents, it compensates for the shortcomings of traditional reactive power compensation, and the power factor after compensation is generally above 0.95.

Mainly used in power distribution substation and industrial field, large capacity compensation.

Model and Meaning

HY SVG        C
1    2          3
No. Name Meaning
1 Enterprise code HY
2   SVG: SVG module APF: APF module
3   capacity compensation

Technical Parameters

Example of collocation Single module capacity Intelligent anti -harmonic capacitor combination
APFC scheme 1 APF single module 100A (10 kvar ~ 60 kvar)×(1~12)
APFC scheme 2 APF single module 50A (10 kvar ~ 60 kvar)×(1~12)
SVGC scheme 1 SVG single module 100kvar (10 kvar ~ 60 kvar)×(1~12)
SVGC scheme 2 SVG single module 70kvar (10 kvar ~ 60 kvar)×(1~12)
SVGC scheme 3 SVG single module 35kvar (10 kvar ~ 60 kvar)×(1~12)
Composition of compensationcabinet Combination of single module + anti-harmonic capacitor (maximum 12 sets)
HYAPF/HYSVG (single modulecapacity) 50A(35kvar)、100A(70kvar)、HYSVG (100kvar)
Anti- harmonic capacitor (singlecapacity) (10 kvar ~ 60 kvar) up to 12 sets
Dimension(W×D×H) 800×800×2200;800×1000×2200 ;1000×1000×2200
Filtering range 2 ~ 50th times harmonic (selective filtering, each harmonic compensation can be set separately)
Filtering harmonic capacity(HYAPF) 50A、100A
Reactive compensation capacity 100kvar+(10-60)kvar×12
Normal working and installation conditions
Ambient temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
Relative humidity 5%~ 95%,no condensation
Altitude ≤ 1500m,1500~3000m (derating 1% per 100m) according to GB / T3859.2
Environmental conditions no harmful gas and steam, no conductive or explosive dust, no severe mechanical vibration
System parameters  
Rated input line voltage 380V (-20% ~ +20%)
Rated frequency 50Hz ( 45Hz ~ 55Hz)
Power grid structure 3P3W/3P4W (400V)
Current transformer 100/5 ~ 5,000/5
Circuit topology three-level
Overall efficiency ≥ 97%
Standard DL/T1216-2013、JB/T11067-2011、GB/T15576-2008
Communication monitoring capability
Communication interface RS485,CAN interface
Communication protocol Modbus protocol
Module display interface LCD multi-function touch color screen (optional)
Protective function Over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-currentprotection, over-temperature protection, drive fault protection
Error alarm Support independent monitoring or centralized monitoring
Dimension and structure Rated capacity Total capacity Unit Voltage(V) Dimension(W×D×H)
  100kvar(SVG)+240kvar 340kvar set 400 800×800×2200
100kvar(SVG)+320kvar 420kvar set 400 800×800×2200
100kvar(SVG)+500kvar 500kvar set 400 1000×1000×2200

Note: The cabinet color is light gray (RAL7035). Other colors, capacities and cabinet sizes can be customized.

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