Public buildings, schools, commercial spaces


Load type:

Most electrical equipment is nonlinear load.Switching power supplies, computers, printers, photocopiers, televisions, elevators, energy-saving lamps, UPS, air conditioners, LED displays, etc., which are the main harmonic and reactive power sources in the power distribution system of commercial and public facilities. these devices have a small capacity, but big quantity, it has great influence on power quality. There are many single-phase equipment, and its electrical load accounts for about 70% of the total capacity. Using single-phase power supply causes unbalanced three phase distribution load, excessive current in the neutral line, and offset of the neutral point. Nonlinear loads have high harmonic content and low power factor.

Adopted solution:

adopting the series reactor + power capacitor method, which can suppress the influence of harmonics on the power capacitor and improve the service life and reliability of the product. It is recommended to use an intelligent combined anti-harmonic low voltage power capacitor (Solution 1),According to power quality of specific application scenarios, using active filter (APF)/static reactive power generator (SVG), reactive power compensation and power quality management will be better (Solution 2).

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