Resistance furnace, heat treatment furnace, electric arc furnace, intermediate frequency furnace are used in metal casting heat treatment heating and heat preservation, while frequency converter, water pump and motor are used for cooling and assembly line. These are nonlinear load equipment, which inevitably bring harmonics and cause many adverse effects on production. It can cause capacitor oscillation, make the capacitor compensator trip when closing, and can not be put into use; affect the heating process, the heating performance of the heat treatment device can not reach the expected effect, and the heating speed is doubled; cause the sensitive measurement and control equipment to be damaged; affect the safe operation of the transformer, resulting in great hidden danger of power supply.

  A bearing factory adopts our CJ19 series switching capacitor contactor ,which can adapt to high temperature environment and large voltage fluctuation, and has low power consumption. It is equipped with CKSG filter reactor and HYMJ filter capacitor, which makes the operation more stable and reliable. Meanwhile, with active power filter device(HYAPF), all harmonics can be effectively filtered out and reach national standard, and the power factor reaches request ,it   effectively ensuring the safe operation of transformers and equipment, and improving the qualified rate of production products.

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