HYCAHB Intelligent integrated low voltage power capacitor module

Short Description:

1. It is suitable for 0.4kV low voltage power grid

2. Characteristics:better compensation effect, smaller volume, low power consumption,more cost-saving, more flexible application, easy maintenance, long span life

3. Mixed compensation

4. RS485 Communication interface

5. Modbus/DL645 communication protocol

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HYCAHB Intelligent integrated low voltage power capacitor module is an intelligent reactive power compensation device applied to 0.4kV low voltage distribution network to reduce line loss, increase power factor, improve power quality, and save energy and reduce consumption.

Integrated with with modern measurement and control, power electronics, network communication, automation control, power capacitor and other advanced technologies. It has the characteristics of better compensation effect, smaller volume, lower power consumption, more cost-saving, more flexible application, easy maintenance, long span life, to meet the higher requirements of the modern power grid for reactive power compensation.

Model and Meaning

1 2 3 4
No. Name
1 Enterprise code
2 Design No.
3 Automatic control
4 Mixed compensation

Technical Parameters

Normal working and installation conditions
Ambient temperature -25°C ~ +55°C
Relative humidity Relative humidity ≤ 50% at 40°C ; ≤ 90% at 20°C
Altitude ≤ 2000m
Environmental conditions no harmful gas and steam, no conductive or explosive dust, no severe mechanical vibration
Power condition  
Rated voltage 380V±20%
Rated frequency 50Hz (45Hz ~ 55Hz)
THDv THDv ≤ 5%
THDi THDi ≤ 20%


Measurement tolerance Voltage: ≤±0.5%(0.8~1.2Un), current: ≤ ±0.5%(0.2~1.2ln)z active power: ≤ ±2%, power factor: ≤±1%, temperature:±1°C
Protection tolerance voltage: ≤±1%, current: ≤<±1%, temperature:±1°C ,time:±0.1s
Reactive compensation parameters Reactive power compensation tolerance:≤50% of the min. capacitor capacity, capacitor switching time: ≥ 10s, can be set between 10s and 180s
Reliability parameter Control accuracy: 100%, allowable switching times: 1 million times, capacitor capacity running time attenuation rate: ≤ 1% / year, capacitor capacity switching attenuation rate: ≤ 0.1 % / 10,000 times
Protective function Over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-harmonic protection, over-temperature protection, drive failure protection
Standard GB/T15576-2008

Communication monitoring capability

Communication interface RS485
Communication protocol Modbus / DL645 protocol
Dimension and structure capacitykvar Dimension(WxDxH) mounting dimension(WlxDI) hole size

325x483x388 200x445 Φ8 Φ8
225x477x388 150x445 Φ8 Φ8

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