We are committed to creating a safe and green power environment Lastone power quality products are applied in the aviation industry area Resettlement housing project in Lukou 02 plot of shanty town reconstruction

Project background

The resettlement housing project in Lukou 02 plot of shanty town reconstruction in aviation industry area is located in the north of Yanxi road and the west of fuze road in Nanjing, with a total construction area of about 180000 square meters. A total of 20 small high-rise residential buildings, underground garage and 2 supporting houses are planned to be built, with a total of 1100 residential units. The resettlement housing project in Lukou 01 plot of shanty town reconstruction in aviation industry area is divided into South and North districts. It is planned to build 48 11 storey houses, underground garage and a community service center, and 2485 resettlement houses. On the construction site, we can see that small high-rise houses are arranged in order, with brown and white facades. The prefabricated construction method is adopted, with underground parking lots and community service centers.


Product application

The project adopts a series of reactive power compensation products of our company, including static reactive power generator, intelligent capacitor, controller, etc. It is mainly used for reactive power compensation to effectively improve power factor, reduce loss and ensure stable and reliable operation of power equipment.


Advantages of static var generator (SVG)products
1.Capacitive inductive load -1~ 1 compensation.
2.Three phase unbalance compensation.
3.The working switching frequency is 10K, with fast response and dynamic compensation.


HYSVG static var generator detects the load current in real time through the external current transformer (CT), analyzes the reactive power content of the load current through the internal DSP calculation, and then controls the PWM signal generator to send the control signal to the internal IGBT according to the set value, so that the inverter can produce the required reactive power compensation current, and finally realize the purpose of dynamic reactive power compensation.


JKGHY is an integrated controller of reactive power compensation and distribution monitoring, which integrates multiple functions such as data acquisition, communication, reactive power compensation, power grid parameter measurement and analysis.


Lastone intelligent combined low-voltage power capacitor compensation device (intelligent capacitor) is an intelligent reactive power compensation device for 0.4kV low-voltage distribution network to reduce line loss, improve power factor, improve power quality, save energy and reduce consumption.

It integrates advanced technologies such as modern measurement and control, power electronics, network communication and automatic control, with better compensation effect, smaller volume, lower power consumption, cheaper price, more cost savings, more flexible use, more convenient maintenance, longer service life and higher reliability, and meets the higher requirements of modern power grid for reactive power compensation.


Post time: Jun-08-2022