To safeguard the safe and efficient transmission of electricity

The construction project of Guanshan School in Chenzhou City adopts Hengyi Electric Energy Quality Products

Project background

The construction project of Guanshan School in Chenzhou City is owned by the Education Bureau of Suxian District, Chenzhou City. The main construction contents include a total construction area of about 74200 square meters, the construction of teaching buildings, comprehensive facilities, dormitories, sports halls, multifunctional classrooms and supporting facilities, and related facilities and equipment. The plan is to set up 36 primary schools with 1440 positions, 48 teaching classes and 2280 degrees in the secondary schools. The total investment of the project is 362.3516 million yuan.

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Product application

This project adopts our company's reactive power compensation series products, including smart capacitors, controllers, etc. Mainly used for reactive power compensation, effectively improving power factor, reducing losses, and ensuring stable and reliable operation of power equipment.

Product advantages

>Effectively suppress harmonics and reduce the impact of harmonics on power capacitors while achieving reactive power compensation

>Using power capacitors with higher rated voltage

>High autonomy in cabinet installation and optional accessory components

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JKGHY is an integrated controller for reactive power compensation and distribution monitoring, which integrates multiple functions such as data acquisition, communication, reactive power compensation, power grid parameter measurement, analysis, etc.

Hengyi Intelligent Combination Low Voltage Power Capacitor Compensation Device (Intelligent Capacitor) is an intelligent reactive power compensation device that reduces line loss, improves power factor, improves power quality, and saves energy and consumption in a 0.4kV low-voltage distribution network.

Integrated with modern measurement and control, power electronics, network communication, automation control and other advanced compensation methods, it has better compensation effects, smaller size, lower power consumption, lower prices, more cost savings, more flexible use, more convenient maintenance, longer service life, and higher reliability, adapting to the higher requirements of modern power grids for reactive power compensation.

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Post time: Dec-01-2023