SVG panel 900kvar commissioning in customer site

The HYSVG static var generator detects the load current in real-time through the external current transformer (CT), calculates the reactive power of the load current through the internal DSP, and sends it to the internal IGBT through the PWM signal according to the set value , then generate the required reactive compensation current to achieve the dynamic reactive compensation function.

● Harmonic compensation: APF can filter 2 ~ 50 times random harmonics at the same time

● Reactive power compensation: Capacitive & Inductive (-1 ~ 1) stepless compensation

● Fast response

● Design life is more than 100,000 hours (more than ten years)

● Capacitive & inductive load -1 ~ 1 compensation.

● Three-phase imbalance compensation.

● Working switching frequency is 10K, extremely fast response dynamic compensation.

our SVG panel 900kvar project, which is commissioning in customer site with good result.


Post time: Jan-07-2022