JKGHY four quadrant reactive power compensation controller

Data acquisition

Reactive power compensation


Measurement and analysis of power grid parameters




New acrylic panel design


For many non four quadrant compensation controllers, once there is power backflow, the power factor cannot be measured. When a fault is reported, the capacitor is cut out, leading to the withdrawal of reactive power compensation. The JKGHY series four quadrant reactive power compensation controller developed by our company is designed specifically for low-voltage reactive power compensation of photovoltaic grid connected users, which can effectively solve the problem of insufficient reactive power compensation in conventional reactive power compensation controllers after distributed photovoltaic power generation grid connection.

JKGHY is an integrated controller for reactive power compensation and distribution monitoring, integrating multiple functions such as data acquisition, communication, reactive power compensation, power grid parameter measurement, analysis, etc.

If this product adopts RS485 communication mode (JKGHY-Z), it can connect up to 32 HY series combined low-voltage power capacitor compensation devices from our company or choose 12V voltage output control mode (JKGHY-D), and can provide 12 or 16 control outputs (only one of the two methods can be selected).


Multifunctional integration,

Optional with different functional modules

It can display electrical parameters such as three-phase voltage, current, power factor, and capacitor switching status, and can also query the harmonic content of odd voltage and current for 3-21 times.

By selecting different functional modules, different functions such as historical data storage, USB interface, and capacitance current measurement can be achieved to meet different customer needs.


Multiple protection functions

Safer and worry free use

It has multiple protections such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, harmonic overload, etc,

When the capacitor switching switch is disconnected beyond the limit, it can automatically resume normal operation after the parameters return to normal.



Post time: May-22-2023