Hengyi organizes employees to participate in voluntary blood donation activities

Donating blood with love for the relay of life

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On November 15, 2023, the Party branch and labor union of Hengyi Electric Group Co., Ltd. organized employees to carry out a voluntary blood donation activity, using their blood to sustain their lives and conveying hope with love. Hengyi has always attached great importance to supporting public welfare undertakings, continuously enhancing employees' sense of social responsibility, promoting the spirit of selfless dedication, implementing and fulfilling the core values of the enterprise, and writing a new chapter of high-quality development.

The voluntary blood donation site for this time was located in the Zhongfang Intelligent Park in Beibaixiang Town. When the blood donation vehicle arrived at the site, Hengyi employees were in an orderly manner, queuing up to actively cooperate with medical personnel, and everyone carefully filled out the blood donation information form, measured blood pressure, and collected blood samples. There are "old faces" in the blood donation team who have had multiple blood donation experiences, as well as "new members" who have donated blood for the first time. An employee who participated in blood donation sighed and said, "This kind of activity is very meaningful and can also encourage more caring people to join the team of voluntary blood donation. Voluntary blood donation is a good act for individuals, but for patients, it may bring infinite hope to a life."

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Pursuing endlessly, dedicating endlessly. Hengyi Electric Group always keeps in mind its mission and responsibility, regularly carries out various forms of charity activities, and widely organizes cadres and employees to actively participate in various social public welfare undertakings, effectively enhancing employees' awareness of love and dedication, and contributing to a harmonious and beautiful society through practical actions.

Post time: Dec-01-2023