New generation JKGHY-M intelligent combination low voltage reactive power measuring & control device

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JKGHY-M is an integrated controller for reactive power compensation and power distribution monitoring. It integrates data acquisition, communication, reactive power compensation, grid parameter measurement, and analysis.

This product uses a 4.3 inch HMI, can switch multiple languages to enhance the local user experience. JKGHY-MZ (RS485 communication mode) can be connected to up to 32 of our company's HY series combined low-voltage power capacitor compensation devices, or JKGHY-MD (12V voltage output control mode) can be selected, providing up to 24 control output.

• Multi language switching

• Unique appearance

• HMI display


Model and Meaning

1 with this function 0 without this function , can be customized


*Note:JKGHY-D16 16 steps output(Can’t be configured with USB interface, capacitor current detection function)

Technical parameters


Ordering instruction(s)

The user order according to the model .

For example: JKGHY-MZ 1111000 50 pieces.

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