HY-Motor start capacitor (CD60) Bakelite case type

Short Description:

1. Used for single phase AC motor, air conditioning, refrigerator

2. Rated voltage: 110VAC–330VAC

3. Capacitance range: 21-1280μF

4. Special requirement can be made according to customer’s request

Product Detail

Product Tags

Main Feature

Plastic Case,Mositure and Oil Resistant

Voltages from 110V AC to 330V AC

UL Recognized Capacitors

UL No.:E355649

Applicable Scope

50Hz/60Hz single-phase AC motor , air conditioning, refrigerator compressor, air condition etc and so on each kind of single-phase AC motor.

General Specifications

Operating Temperature:-40 ~ +70℃

Voltage Range:110 ~ 330V AC

Capacitance Range:21 ~ 1280μf

Capacitance Tolerance:-0% ~ +20%

Operate Frequency:50/60Hz

Case Size:8 Standard Size from

1.437"x2.750"~ 2.562"x4.375

Termination:1/4"Quick Disconnect Terminals(Std.)

Performance Specification:Meets Requirements of ElA-463-A

Product Description

This kind Of the capacitors are developed and researched according to standard of American Electronics Associa tion (ANSI / EIA-463).The external case of the capacitor is made of bakelite plasticized which Character is not only good insulating resistance. strong resistance damaged but also protecting electro liquid as good sealed feature. It is popular used for the super AC application as good life, higher degree of reliability and stability.

Standard terminal and resistor layouts


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