BSMJ series self-healing low voltage shunt power capacitor

Short Description:

1. It is suitable for power frequency AC power systems with rated voltage of 1000V and below

2. Improve power factor and voltage quality

3. Unique design and technology

4. Advanced imported production production equipment,excellent polypropylene film

5. Rated voltage:230-1200VAC

6. Rated capacity:1-60kvar

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BSMJ series self-healing low voltage shunt power capacitors are suitable for power frequency AC power systems with rated voltage of 1000V and below, to improve power factor and voltage quality

Standard: JB/T 9663-2013


● Advanced imported production equipment, excellent polypropylene film

● Smaller size, more reliable quality

● Unique design and technology

● Suitable for Places with large temperature and system voltage fluctuations

● New sealing equipment, no leakage

● Novel design of mounting feet, firm, convenient and bea

● Unique lead-out terminal, convenient wiring, reliable and safe connection

● Corrosion-resistant metal shell, beautiful and strong, no painting requi

B S MJ - - -
| | | | | | |
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
No. Name Meaning
1 Series code B-shunt capacitor
2 Impregnation code S - microcrystalline wax; K-dry
3 Medium code  Metalized polypropylene film(MPPfilm)
4 Rated voltage(kV)  
5 Rated capacity(kvar)  
6 Phase Phase
7 YN split phase compensation
Ambient temperature -25°C ~ +50°C
Relative humidity Relative humidity ≤ 50% at 40°C ; ≤ 90% at 20°C
Altitude ≤2000m
Environmental conditions

no harmful gas and steam, no conductive or explosive dust, no severe mechanical vibration , Guaranteed to work in good ventilation conditions, not allowed to work in a closed and unventilated environment

rated voltage (0.23~1.2)kV, AC
Rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Rated capacity (1 ~ 60)kvar
capacity tolerance -5%-+10%
AC withstand voltage withstand voltage between terminals: 2.15Un / AC is applied between terminals for 10S, no permanent breakdown or flashover
withstand Voltage: 3.5kV / AC is applied between terminal and shell for 10Sz no permanent breakdown and flashover
Loss tangent maximum allowable overvoltage 1.1 Un; < 8h per 24h
Maximum allowable overvoltage 1.1 Un; < 8h per 24h
Maximum allowable overcurrent 1.3In
Self-discharge characteristics the capacitor is applied with √2 Un DC voltage. After power off for 3 minutes the residual voltage drops below 75V or lower.

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