Hengyi electric helps Intelligent Transportation,Power quality products , Applied to Pingnan County integrated passenger transport hub station

Project background

Guangxi Pingnan County comprehensive passenger transport hub station is located in the east of Pingnan south station, with a total investment of 185560100 yuan. With a total land area of 52.14 mu, it is designed and built according to the standard of highway first-class passenger station. After completion, it can be seamlessly connected with Pingnan south station and bus station to form an integrated modern traffic organization system.


Product application

The project adopts our company's active filter series products, including active filter modules, etc. It is mainly used for harmonic control and reactive power compensation. Effectively filter out harmonics, ensure the stable and reliable operation of power equipment, and escort the green power grid.


Advantages of active filter products

1.Harmonic compensation: APF can filter out 2~50 harmonics at the same time

2.Reactive power compensation: capacitive inductive (-1~ 1) stepless compensation

3.Rapid response and instant management

4.Design life is more than 100000 hours (more than 10 years)


HYAPF active filter detects the load current in real time through the external current transformer CT, extracts the harmonic component of the load current through the internal DSP calculation, and then sends it to the internal IGBT through the PWM signal to control the inverter to generate a current equal to the load harmonic and opposite to the load harmonic and inject it into the power grid to compensate the harmonic current, so as to realize the filtering function.


Post time: Jun-20-2022