HYFK series composite switch
HYFK series composite switch
HYFK series composite switch

HYFK series composite switch uses thyristor switch and magnetic holding switch to run in parallel. It has the advantages of thyristor zerocrossing switching at the moment of switching on and off, and has the advantages of zero power consumption of magnetic holding switch during normal switching on. This switch has the obvious advantages of no shock, low power consumption, long service life, etc., it can replace contactor or thyristor switch, and is widely used in low voltage reactive power compensation

Standard:GB/T 14048.4-2010


●Built-in microprocessor and intelligent software, can intelligently control capacitor switching

●The product achieves zero crossing switching, no arc, no inrush current,fast response

●On-resistance is zero, no harmonics are generated

●No switching inrush current, no current limiting reactor required,reducing the cost of the complete cabinet

●Non-heating, can be installed in a closed box

●Micro power consumption, less than 1% of contactor power consumption

●Simple structure, easy installation and lower cost than thyristor switches

●Low failure rate and much longer service life than thyristors and contactors

●Extended operating temperature range

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